Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My Acer Aspire One

Finally, I have got my Acer Aspire One Linux model looking at bit more like a usable desktop environment that the Acer supplied 'overlay' desktop.

I had done some Google searches for a Spotify icon for the Linux based Aspire One, but I found nothing with was suitable. Many icons would display a square white background behind the icon.

So, I had a go myself. I got the icon file for Spotify from the Rocketdock on my XP laptop and modified it to remove the white background and some of the shadowing.

It's saved as a PNG file. Hope you find it useful!


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the icon man! It's great.

Unknown said...

indeed very useful! thank you very much, use it for my linux as well :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for this man !